Whether you just want a pet dog that comes when called, sits and stays when asked and can go for a walk without getting your arms pulled off or you want to train your dog to go onto Obedience Trials, we can help you.

Why do we take our dogs to Training classes?

So that we can: -----

Puppies as young as four months can commence training provided they have had at least two weeks after their final set of puppy vaccinations before bringing them to our Club as they are not fully protected against the various contagious diseases that affect dogs until then. Older dog, as long as they have a current vaccination certificate from their vet.

Our Instructors do not handle your dogs, but teach you how to train your own dog. Puppies and dogs are taught to walk on a loose lead, sit, stay, drop, stand and come when called. Lessons are taught using reward based training which means dogs are rewarded by food or praise when they correctly respond to commands.

Obedience Trials

Your interest may extend to pursuing this "hobby/sport" to higher levels which involves competing in Obedience Trials. Obedience trials are held in the city most weekends and test your dog's ability to obey and understand the commands which you have taught them at training. Our club holds a two day obedience trial over the third weekend in July each year.

Australian Titles are awarded after the dog successfully qualifies at each level and these titles are then added to the dog's name.

The first level is the Community Companion Dog in which the dogs demonstrates heel on lead, sit, lay-down, stand, recall, stand for examination and stays. The Title CCD is awarded once the dogs has had 3 passes in this class with scores over 85 each time.

The second level is the Companion Dog class which includes heeling off lead, stand for examination, recall, retrieve and stays. The Title CD is awarded.

The third level is the Companion Dog Excellent class which includes heeling off lead, drop on recall, retrieve a dumbbell on the flat and over a jump, broad jump or signals and out of sight stays. The title CDX is awarded.

The fourth level is the Utility Class. Only the top obedience dogs reach this level which includes seek back (the dog unaided, has to find a 15cm piece of leather that has been dropped along the path taken by the dog and handler ie a lost article), directed jumping, scent discrimination, silent heel work and signals (no verbal commands), food refusal or speak on command (bark) or directed retrieve and stays. The title of UD is awarded. If a dog achieves 5 further qualifications of 185 points or more an Obedience Champion title is awarded.

If trialling is not for you - you can still train and hone your skills in grade 5, teach your dogs tricks and become part of the demo team, or give a helping hand at our trials. If you don't have a dog, you are still welcome to come to the club on a social basis.

Obedience Training