Great Introduction to Obedience

Rally-O is a wonderful introduction to the sport of obedience for dogs and owners. It offers an opportunity for veteran dogs to remain active, and a chance for dogs and handlers to get ring experience in a low pressure event.
No marching around in silence

Many dogs enjoy this change from the usual silent heeling of traditional obedience as their handlers can clap hands, talk, and whistle to them throughout the entire course without penalty. Those who participate in agility trials will recognize the pre-class "walk-throughs" and the challenge of working with their dog  flowing from one station to another. Each station has a sign telling you what is required of you and the dog ie; 'Halt Sit", "Left Turn" or "Down Walk Around Dog" - there are 50 different command signs.

Rally-O combines characteristics of dog agility and traditional obedience into a fun low pressure way to learn something different with your dog.


Heeling in good position to the last sign to complete a very nice round.
Features of Rally-O

Each team is timed and the course includes 12-20 stations depending on the level your trialling at, and is scored by a Judge who watches for a smooth performance as well as skill in following the directions at each station.
Levels of difficulty:

Novice with on-leash exercises that demonstrate the dog's understanding of basic commands such as sit, stay, down and walking at the heel position.

Advanced is a set of exercises performed off-leash that includes at least one jump and the dog and handlers skill to be able to work as a team, negotiating spirals around witches hats, weaving through cones and heeling nicely between the stations.

Excellent is a more difficult off-leash course that includes at least two jumps and demonstrates more precise skill and coordination between the dog and handler.

Masters demonstrates the true teamwork between dog and handler, its exacting and exciting to watch.

We enjoy Rally training in conjunction with our Obedience training on Wednesday nights.

Our club holds a Rally-O Trial in conjunction with our obedience trial in July each year.