Stunning "Cosette"
Owned by Liz Matthews
Banjo the Beagle
Lexie - owned by
Marion McPherson
What goes into a tunnel comes out twice as fast as it went in.
Play time - after class
Checking out the new kid
Baa Humbug - Matty showing his displeasure at being dressed up for the Club's Christmas Party.
Lesley Harrington and "Cobber" receiving their trophy from
Kay at the Annual Presentations.
Double trouble - Ozzie and Matty
Owned by Tracey Wasgind
owned by Sue Laidler
Catering in the "new" clubroom for an Obedience Trial the clubroom wasn't quite finished so we had to improvise.
Kay Richardson & Rose doing the Flag Race.
"Sally" demonstrating Pilates at the Loxton Show.
Loxton Show demonstrating that your dog will jump through hoops for you if you ask it nicely.
Matthew tackling the see-saw
Cynthia Harvey with "Bailey" crossing the dog walk.
The clubs first Titled Agility Dog
Codie owned by Sue Laidler