Hot Weather Policy

If the temperature on Wednesday nights (obedience training) is predicted to be 34 degrees or higher at 7pm (arrival time) training may be canceled, please check our facebook group just after 6pm where it will be announced if training is going ahead or not (facebook ::: riverland dog training and kennel club)
phone Sue 0419 839500 or Kay 0456 495 325 just after 6pm. 
It will also be advised on the front page of this web site.


In other words a "little bit of this and a little bit of that"

SUMMER FROM 1st December to end of March

SATURDAY - Set up from 8.00 am.  If you can't be there to help set up, please try to stay on to help put the gear away.
All Classes.

The hot weather policy normally does not apply to agility due to early morning training; unless there is the possibly of extreme hot weather. We will advise in this case on the clubs facebook group by 6pm the night before training.

AUTUMN/WINTER/SPRING April to end of November

Set up from 9.00am start 9.30am - All classes

There could be some Saturdays that we are not training, please keep an eye on our facebook group, most times we will be able to let you know at training the week before.

Wednesday Nights

Arrive anytime from 7.00pm for 7.30pm start.

Obedience goes into recess over the Summer School Holidays - 2nd Wednesday night of December is last training - recommencing 1st Wednesday of February.

Your annual membership fee covers both obedience and agility, however there is a small fee for training in each of the disciplines.

Please see hot weather policy below which relates to evening training -